Heron Pond Wildlife Need Our Help

Fundraising Campaign to Support Endangered Wild Animals at the
Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife Preserve
An “ecological gem”!
The Wild Animals Are at Risk:
The 270 acres owned by the Town of Milford is home to the Blanding’s Turtle, an “umbrella” species. Being an “umbrella” species means that where the Blanding’s Turtle lives, then so do countless other animal species live under the naturally rich environmental umbrella. This is so true here that the natural resources scientist who studied this place calls it “an ecological gem”!
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Petition to Save the Bobcat

Please sign this January 2015 petition to Save the Bobcat in New Hampshire (NH residents only, please).

Bobcats in NH have not been trapped since 1989. However, trapping of bobcats may soon be legal again in NH, if our opposition to trapping them is not expressed and heard. Thus this petition and request for you to sign it. Trappers want to exploit bobcats to be able to sell their furs (pelts) for around $350 each, a significant chunk of money and incentive to trap them. This petition will be used to tell NH F&G and the NH Legislature that the public wants bobcats to be classified as a non-game species, not to be trapped or hunted ever again in NH. Thank you for signing.

Letter to the Editor
Union Leader
January 5, 2011

Just say ‘no’ to trapping of bobcats in state

My sources inform me that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department intends to open up a fur trapping season on bobcats at the conclusion of its current research with the University of New Hampshire to estimate the state’s bobcat population.

And it has the nerve to ask the unsuspecting public to help achieve its objective.

In a recent press release, Fish and Game’s Mark Ellingwood asks people to report bobcat sightings to the department if you are “supportive of our research efforts.”

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly unsupportive of the research because Fish and Game intends to use the results to open up the now closed trapping and hunting seasons to bobcats.

If you are against the trapping and hunting of bobcats, then let Fish and Game know by signing the petition that 4,174 people already have signed to say “no” to trapping and hunting of New Hampshire bobcats at http://tinyurl.com/saveNHbobcats.

Suzanne L. Fournier

Animal Awareness program at Marion Gerrish Center

One of two billboards displayed on Elm Street in Manchester to protest two local stores that sold animals.

By Suzanne Laurent, DerryNews.com — Jul 30, 2009

Linda Dionne, president of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League and Sherry Bezanson of PuppyMillDogsVoice.org are hosting an event, Animal Awareness Day, on Saturday, Aug. 1 at the Marion Gerrish Community Center in Derry.

Bezanson, a Londonderry resident, first became aware of puppy mills when she watched an “Oprah” show in April 2008, and the talk show host began her two-part expose of puppy mills.

“I was horrified at what I saw,” said Bezanson, a realtor from Londonderry. These mills are inhumane and unspeakably cruel.”


Help End Pheasant Stocking

This is an ongoing campaign that needs everyone’s attention. Each year our Fish and Game Department purchases ring-necked pheasants from a breeding farm. These helpless, farm-bred and raised pheasants are jammed into crates, driven the hours long transport, and then released into the fields of New Hampshire for hunters to shoot, often minutes after they are released.

Please join us in speaking out.