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July 19, 2018 upcoming meeting- Please attend this JLCAR meeting on July 19 at 9 AM in the LOB, Rooms 306/308. Key people will speak, but we need all of you there for support.

Write us for more info at 

OR Go to the Voices of Wildlife in NH Website for more info.

The Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) provides legislative oversight of state agencies, including NH Fish and Game, in its administering of rules. JLCAR is composed of NH Senators and Representatives. On Friday, June 15, JLCAR sent Fish and Game back to the drawing board. They made a preliminary objection to all of the wildlife seasons biennial proposals.

This gives us another opportunity to comment on the two issues of the Snowshoe Hare Live Trapping Rule and the Trapping of Fox Rule.

It is now time to write JLCAR again. Please write at least a few days before the July 19 meeting so they have time to read and discuss comments. Make sure to use your full name and town in your email. Street address is optional but the trappers are telling the lie that comments are coming from out-of-state.


Saving Beaver Ponds and Beavers Matching Grant Program

NHARL gave a $400 matching grant for beaver protection at Sherwood Glen Condominiums in Raymond, NH. Several years ago, Art Wolinsky and his condo installed flow pipes and fencing with their own money. They recently determined some upkeep was needed—namely, the installation of a culvert protection cage—on this successful project, and so applied for help via this grant, which was approved. NHARL supports and promotes humane and environmentally friendly solutions in beaver management as an alternative to the lethal methods of trapping and killing beavers, offering small matching grants up to $500 towards the installation of these alternative methods (e.g. beaver pipe systems, fencing around trees).

You can watch a TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the April 23, 2018 installation of this outgoing culvert fence by Mike Callahan

To apply for a grant fill out the GRANT APPLICATION and return to the NHARL PO Box or to our email.



NHARL also provides free signs to anyone who wants to post their property against hunting. Write us an email if interested.


Fundraising Campaign to Support Endangered Wild Animals at the
Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife “Preserve”
An “ecological gem”!

“Thank you!”   

The Wild Animals Are at Risk:

Click Photo for Full View.

The 270 acres owned by the Town of Milford is home to the Blanding’s Turtle, an “umbrella” species. Being an “umbrella” species means that where the Blanding’s Turtle lives, then so do countless other animal species live under the naturally rich environmental umbrella. This is so true here that the natural resources scientist who studied this place calls it “an ecological gem”!

But all these animals, including those that are NH-state threatened and endangered, are at high and imminent risk from development that would negatively transform the habitat. The only hope is good people are working hard to prevent the loss.


Habitat is not yet Protected:

This special place in Milford, NH is outlined in white on the map.

Click Photo for Full View.

Unfortunately, the “preserve” is not currently protected as conservation land and instead is under intense pressure of development by Milford Town Officials. This means that these wild animals are at dire risk of losing their habitat permanently!
The endangered animals in particular are highly susceptible to any habitat loss and many would perish as a result.


Click Photo for Full View.

Helping Hands:

Since 2012 a group of dedicated citizens has been working hard against the intense pressure of development by Milford Town Officials. Being completely volunteer, the Heron Pond Project Team members spend their own money.

The Heron Pond Project Team spends money on actions to help the wildlife as needed to protect them and advocate on their behalf. Costs include Turtle Crossing signs; materials for meetings before Town boards and State agencies such as handouts and posters; study of the wildlife, sometimes hiring expert consultants; equipment and gear – for example, night camera, head lamp; and we take legal actions when they are unavoidable such as now.

Thank you for considering a donation to protect the Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife “Preserve”!


Email Us for questions, comments, or for more information.



Click on photo to view in full size.


Note: The NH Animal Rights League is the fiscal agent of the Heron Pond Project Team. This beautiful place needs our help to Save it. From the tiny fairy shrimp in the vernal pool to the whitetail deer on the landscape, they are all important members of NH’s ecosystem and need this rich habitat to survive. Please help by giving a tax deductible donation today. Thank you and our deepest gratitude!

Even a Little Helps


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