Protesting November 9, 2019

Animal-rights protesters target Living Shores Aquarium at Story Land _ Anima


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Tabling at Souhegan Sustainability Fair in May 2019


Miss NH Fur Coat Protest in April 2019


Modern Day Torture Device used to trap NH’s important predators who are needed in the ecosystem to control Lyme disease for one reason. Many other animals, including non-targets like our pets and endangered/threatened species such as American bald eagles and the New England cottontail rabbit, are also cruelly trapped.


NH Animal Rights League’s January 2019 NHARL Newsletter


Saving the Wild

The NH Animal Rights League provides free signs to anyone who wants to post their property against hunting. It is now the time of year to post. Hunting seasons begin in September. See chart below.

General Hunting Season Dates

Following are general dates for hunting season in New Hampshire. A complete summary of season dates and bag limits is provided in the NH Hunting and Trapping Digest, published each year in August by the NH Fish and Game Department.

Black bear hunting begins September 1 and they can be hunted by bait and hounding. While baiting on your property requires your permission,  hunting with dogs is not. Hounders are allowed to chase, tree, and shoot on your property and there is nothing you can do about that unless you post. Females are killed also, sometimes they are still lactating.

Select the species name for more dates and details.
April 28 and April 29, 2018 Youth turkey-hunting weekend
May 3 – May 31 Spring gobbler season (wild turkey)
Starts September 1 Black bear/dates vary for method and WMU
September – January Waterfowl/dates vary by species and zone
September 15 – December 15 Deer/archery (Note: archery season closes one week early in WMU A)
September 15 – December 15 Fall turkey/archery
TBD Fall turkey/shotgun (in certain WMUs only)
September – March Small game and furbearers/dates vary by species and region
October 1 – December 31 Pheasant
October 20 – October 28, 2018 Moose (by permit only)
October 27 – 28, 2018 Youth deer-hunting weekend
November 3 – November 13, 2018 Deer/muzzleloader
November 14 – December 9, 2018 Deer/regular firearms (closes one week early in WMU A)

Coyotes are hunted year-round with 3 months of night hunting. Landowner permission is needed for night hunting but not day hunting. So potentially you could have hunters on your land year- round.

Write us for more info at nhanimalrightsleague@gmail

Saving Beaver Ponds and Beavers Matching Grant Program

NHARL gave a $400 matching grant for beaver protection at Sherwood Glen Condominiums in Raymond, NH. Several years ago, Art Wolinsky and his condo installed flow pipes and fencing with their own money. They recently determined some upkeep was needed—namely, the installation of a culvert protection cage—on this successful project, and so applied for help via this grant, which was approved. NHARL supports and promotes humane and environmentally friendly solutions in beaver management as an alternative to the lethal methods of trapping and killing beavers, offering small matching grants up to $500 towards the installation of these alternative methods (e.g. beaver pipe systems, fencing around trees).

You can watch a TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the April 23, 2018 installation of this outgoing culvert fence by Mike Callahan

To apply for a grant fill out the GRANT APPLICATION and return to the NHARL PO Box or to our email.