Join us for our first ever virtual annual meeting, which will take the place of our Vegan Gentle Thanksgiving celebration this year. Click below to register. James Glover, will be discussing everything NHARL has been working on in the past year. This event will feature door prizes, a show us your pet segment, and a guest appearance by bear rehabilitator Ben Kilham.

The New Hampshire Animal Rights League hosts two popular annual events — a “Gentle Thanksgiving” and a Summer Vegan Potluck. These events are meant to bring like-minded diners together and encourage those on the path to plant-based eating.

The public is welcome at both events. Many current NHARL members first got involved by attending one of these events.

We are always in need of volunteers to help organize and run these events. And if you have an idea for an additional meetup, perhaps a get-together at a restaurant or someone’s home, please reach out.

Gentle Thanksgiving

Our annual Gentle Thanksgiving event celebrates the lives of turkeys —
and all animals — by leaving them off our plates.

The Gentle Thanksgiving gathering is typically held the week before Thanksgiving. It takes place in different locations from year to year. The meal is usually a vegan potluck, although one year two members who are chefs cooked for everyone!

This celebration includes a recap of the year’s advocacy, as well as a guest speaker. In 2019, the speaker was Pattrice Jones, founder of VINE (“Veganism Is the Next Evolution”) Sanctuary.

The public is welcome. Check our Meetup and Facebook pages for details.

Gentle Thanksgiving 2019. The dessert table (above) and President James Glover (right)

Summer Vegan Potluck

Our annual summer vegan potluck is traditionally held in early August at Four Tree Island in Portsmouth.

Four Tree Island is an idyllic spot for a picnic. There is a Pavilion and a large grill that we reserve for our gathering.

The public is welcome. Check our Meetup and Facebook pages for details.