Successful Booth at Market Days Festival 2021

New Hampshire Animal Rights League is thrilled to share the news of our highly successful outreach efforts at the Market Days Festival in downtown Concord, NH.

During this three-day event (August 19-21), we spread the word about the work we do for all animals with a focus on promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Being situated next to the Col’s Kitchen tent made our mission all the easier, as Col’s plant-based eatery was grilling up delicious vegan burgers all weekend!


  • Gathered more than 150 new names for our mailing list.
  • Made meaningful connections with hundreds of people who care about animals.
  • Gave out postcards with our top tips for going vegan.
  • Offered discounted memberships.
  • Lured festival-goers with a chance to win a Ninja Professional 1000-Watt blender (useful for vegan cooking!).
  • Got interviewed by Concord TV!

Goodie Bags

We also handed out close to 200 “goodie” bags containing vegan literature (sampling below), stickers, and vegan cookies from Lenny and Larry’s and Divvie’s.

Eye-Opening Video

We enticed more than 100 people to watch the following 1-minute video from Animal Outlook about “Humanewashing”— those deceptive marketing tactics designed to make us think that meat, egg, and dairy companies care about the welfare of farmed animals.

Those who watched the video received a free can of vegan cold brew coffee from RISE Brewing Co. along with some conversation about what they had seen.

Veganism is on the Rise

To our delight we met many people who were already vegan — such as “Angel” pictured below. Looks like Angel is getting enough protein…

Thank you to all our supporters and to everyone who stopped by to learn about the immense suffering of farmed animals.

Together, we will bring it to an end.