Spreading the word that dogs can be vegan

NHARL was on site at the NHSPCA’s annual PAWS Walk fundraiser talking about vegan diets for dogs.

This year we also had a group of members and supporters walking as “Team NHARL,” raising more than $700 for the NHSPCA (participants Valerie and Laureen not pictured). 

New research supports vegan diets for dogs

Until recently, little data was available about the health of dogs on vegan diets. But there are now eight such studies in leading scientific journals, and all but one found that the healthiest and least hazardous diet for dogs is a nutritionally sound vegan diet

While pet food advertisers like to compare dogs to wolves, a dog’s digestive system is different from his wolf ancestors, we explained. Over 15,000 years of living among humans, dogs evolved to eat whatever people gave them — which until modern times would not have included much meat. 

Dogs don’t need meat; dogs need protein.

We gave away samples of vegan dog treats made by V-dog and handed out a brochure with more information, along with pamphlets from Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Outreach.

Thank you!

Thank you to Team NHARL and to everyone who stopped by to learn about vegan diets for dogs.

Get some rest, and we’ll see you next year!