Speaking up for pigs at the Market Days Festival

We are thrilled to share the news of our successful outreach efforts at the Market Days Festival in downtown Concord, NH, June 20- 22, 2024. 

During this three-day event, we invited visitors to get to know pigs as the smart, sentient beings they are and drew attention to how much they suffer when raised for food.

To welcome our visitors, we offered cans of vegan cold brew coffee from RISE Brewing Co. as well as a selection of plant-based milks.

Seeing is Believing

Visitors to our booth were invited to watch the following 1-minute video about pigs, titled, Do You Think That I’m Thinking?

Pig Quiz

We drew people to our booth by asking if they wanted to take a quiz about pigs, which most were happy to do. The quiz opened the door for a conversation about the inherent cruelty of raising pigs for food.

Results: While we didn’t get all the completed quizzes back (some people kept them), below are the results for roughly 200 quizzes handed in: 


We had a selection of thought-provoking posters, some of which we hung outside the tent, making use of what was essentially free “billboard” space!

Pig Toys

We gave out squeaky pig toys, popular with young and old.

Goodie Bags

We handed out more “goodie bags” containing vegan literature (sampling below).

Swigs for Pigs!

During the festival, we advertised our upcoming screening of The Last Pig in the hopes of attracting the “veg curious” to come see this powerful film.

This is an invitation-only event designed to reach not-yet vegans. The film is also available online.

Thank you!

Thank you to all our supporters and everyone who stopped by to learn about how wonderful pigs are and why we should not eat them.