NHARL at Pope Memorial

Speaking Up for Farmed Animals at the Walk for the Animals

On Sep 19, New Hampshire Animal Rights League was on site at the Pope Memorial SPCA’s Walk for the Animals, a fundraiser including a 1-mile and 3-mile walk.

Surrounded by dogs, we spread the message that farmed animals are really no different from our companion animals. Cows and pigs are just as capable of feeling pain, grief, and joy — and they also want to run and play!

NHARL at Pope Memorial
Volunteer Caelin Graber chats with former state representative Richard Ames

We displayed the following posters, to convey “Why love one and eat the other?”

Poster re-created for NHARL by Holley Ackerson with permission from the artist, Drewby

Along with giving out information about all the good reasons to eat plants, not animals, we handed out WHIMZEES vegetable-based dental chews.

WHIMZEES come in different fun shapes, including an alligator. As we explained to one family that the chews were not made from animals, their little boy remarked, “But it’s an alligator.”  🙂