Saving Beaver Ponds and Beavers Matching Grant Program

NHARL was pleased to award a $400 matching grant for beaver protection at Sherwood Glen Condominiums in Raymond, NH.

Several years ago, Art Wolinsky and his condo installed flow pipes and fencing with their own money. They recently determined some upkeep was needed—namely, the installation of a culvert protection cage—on this successful project, and so applied for help via this grant, which was approved. NHARL supports and promotes humane and environmentally friendly solutions in beaver management as an alternative to the lethal methods of trapping and killing beavers, offering small matching grants up to $500 towards the installation of these alternative methods (e.g. beaver pipe systems, fencing around trees).

You can watch a Timelapse Video of the April 23, 2018 installation of this outgoing culvert fence by Mike Callahan.

To apply for a grant, complete the Grant Application for Humane Beaver Management Solutions and send it to or NHARL, PO Box 4211, Concord, NH 03302-4211.