Protest Fur

This is the trapping table at the NH Fish and Game’s Discover Wild NH Day. At the same time they were promoting the torture and killing of innocent animals the NH Citizens Against Recreational Trapping and the NH Animal Rights League were right outside the event protesting the torture and killing.  It was a huge and successful protest, one of our largest ever.

Anti-trapping protesters hold up signs outside New Hampshire Fish and Game headquarters in Concord during Discover Wild New Hampshire Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018. (Photo by Elizabeth Frantz)

Please join New Hampshire Animal Rights League as we rally against the selling of fur on the sidewalk outside of the Mall of NH in Manchester, NH, December 16 from 11AM until 1PM. We will be urging holiday shoppers to not buy fur. Stores in the New Hampshire Mall sell fur trim and accessories (bad enough) but Macy’s is the biggest retailer of fur. In many of its stores in larger cities Macy’s has fur salons that sell full length fur coats made of hundreds of minks and chinchillas to name a few of the animals that suffer and die for this unnecessary luxury product.

Please write the Miss NH Board Members to express how you feel about them accepting a cruel gift of a fur coat from the NH Trapper’s Assoc. This is a picture of Miss NH wearing the coat with some of the trappers. Please do not write or comment on the young contestant. The fault lies with the pageant organizers! It is up to them to stop accepting fur.

Board Members of the Miss NH Scholarship Program
President – Brenda E. Keith (
Vice-President – Bill Haggerty (
Secretary – Pattie Lamontagne (
Treasurer – Paula Moore (
Jennifer Blanchard (
Claudette Jolin (
Lucy Lange Gappens
Eric Proulx (
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