Pet Store Puppies

Bought a Sick Pet Store Puppy? What You Can Do

Many people unknowingly buy a sick puppy from a New Hampshire pet store. If this happens to you, there are things you can do to help prevent it from happening to other people — and puppies. Follow these suggestions, and contact us if you need help.
It is well documented that the majority of pet store puppies come from “puppy mills.” A puppy mill is a commercial breeding operation that disregards the well-being of dogs for profit. Animals are housed in crowded and often unsanitary conditions. To maximize profits, female dogs will be bred at every opportunity with little or no respite between litters. When they are worn out or no longer able to reproduce, breeding females are often killed.
Photo Credit: Michelle Heath Photography

Despite the growing trend to adopt a homeless dog rather than support an industry that profits from bringing more animals into the world, there are five pet stores in New Hampshire that still sell puppies.

These pet stores purchase dogs from commercial breeders located in faraway places such as Arkansas and Missouri. The puppies are handed over to truck drivers to be transported halfway across the country to New Hampshire, displayed like a product, and sold to anyone with a credit card.