Help retire Lolita from life of slavery

Two of New Hampshire’s premier summer destinations, Story Land and Water County, have a secret that very few seem to know about. They are owned by the same company, Palace Entertainment, that owns the Miami Seaquarium where a very lonely Orca is kept. Her name is Lolita and she has been performing every day since the age of five at the Miami Seaquarium. She was stolen from her family off the coast of Washington State and sold into a life of slavery in the 1970’s.

Since Palace Entertainment is the parent company of Story Land and Water Country, all ticket sales support Lolita’s cruel conditions at the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita does not have shade from the intense Florida sun, lives in a tank that is only 20 feet deep and being 20 feet long she can’t even dive. Orcas are extremely intelligent, social and complex beings who are not suitable for captivity.

There is an excellent retirement plan in place for Lolita. This plan is safe and would allow Lolita to finally retire, be with her family, and have the room and companionship she so desperately deserves. Please join us in demanding that Palace Entertainment do the right thing and retire Lolita to a sea pen in her native waters.

Rallies to retire Lolita will resume nationwide all summer long, including in front of Water Country beginning in June. For more information about Lolita visit

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Profits will benefit Orca Network’s campaign to retire Lolita to a seaside sanctuary.

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