How you can help fight climate change

Letter to the Editor
The Concord Monitor
March 4, 2024

Regarding the Feb. 22 My Turn in the Concord Monitor that is making the most read list, “Our first Virginia winter? How climate change has impacted NH” by Eric Orff, I would like to respond.

Mr. Orff’s My Turn is an important reminder to everyone that climate change is real and happening faster than anyone thought it would. His voice is hugely important because it is being listened to by others who may still be on the fence about climate change. Our carbon footprint is weighing heavily on the only home we have. Some footprints are heavier than others. People who eat meat and dairy have footprints that are 73% higher than people who eat no meat or dairy.

Many of us can’t afford electric vehicles or solar panels but one inexpensive thing we can all do is to eat less meat and dairy, maybe even none.

I recently took an online quiz to see what my carbon footprint is. It came back with these remarks: “Avoiding animal products makes a big difference in your carbon footprint. Cows and sheep are ruminants that let out large amounts of methane gas, and the fact that you prioritize plant-based foods makes an even bigger difference. A completely plant-based diet has about 15% less carbon footprint than even a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy products.”

Thank you, Mr. Orff, for your My Turn. Let’s all start helping by eating more plant based foods, which not only helps the planet, but our own health too.