Heron Pond Wildlife Need Our Help

Fundraising Campaign to Support Endangered Wild Animals at the
Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife Preserve
An “ecological gem”!
The Wild Animals Are at Risk:
The 270 acres owned by the Town of Milford is home to the Blanding’s Turtle, an “umbrella” species. Being an “umbrella” species means that where the Blanding’s Turtle lives, then so do countless other animal species live under the naturally rich environmental umbrella. This is so true here that the natural resources scientist who studied this place calls it “an ecological gem”!

But all these animals, including those that are NH-state threatened and endangered, are at high and imminent risk from development that would negatively transform the habitat. The only hope is good people are working hard to prevent the loss.

Unfortunately, the “preserve” is not currently protected as conservation land and instead is under intense pressure of development by Milford Town Officials. This means that these wild animals are at dire risk of losing their habitat permanently!
The endangered animals in particular are highly susceptible to any habitat loss and many would perish as a result.

Helping Hands

Since 2012 a group of dedicated citizens has been working hard against the intense pressure of development by Milford Town Officials. Being completely volunteer, the Heron Pond Project Team members spend their own money.
Now the work has gotten more expensive as we have to do everything possible, including legal actions, to protect the wildlife.
It’s going to take additional money to save the wildlife and protect the preserve
Thank you for considering a donation to protect the Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife Preserve.
            “Thank you!”