Grants for Living with Beavers

Beavers provide great benefits to the ecosystem along with wonderful wildlife watching opportunities.

The New Hampshire Animal Rights League encourages individuals and organizations — as well as businesses and towns — experiencing problems with beavers to seek solutions for peaceful co-existence, rather than resorting to trapping.

Living with beavers may require more up-front effort and expense than trapping, but a beaver management system is a long-term solution. Trapping only removes the current beavers. If the habitat is attractive, it’s likely another beaver family will move in.

NHARL offers matching grants of up to $500 to individuals, organizations, businesses, and municipalities looking to install non-lethal solutions for managing beavers in New Hampshire.

To date, NHARL has awarded more than $5,000 in grants to individuals and organizations seeking peaceful co-existence with beavers.

There are a number of companies that can help you find a way to peacefully co-exist with beavers:

To apply for a grant, click below. Applications can be submitted any time of year.

Mike Callahan of Beaver Solutions


Time-lapse video of Mike Callahan of Beaver Solutions installing a culvert protection cage.

How Beavers Build Dams — Leave It to Beavers (PBS video)

A family of beavers, snug inside their lodge (video by Jeff Hogan)

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