Grants for Living with Beavers

The New Hampshire Animal Rights League encourages individuals and organizations — as well as businesses and towns — experiencing problems with beavers to seek solutions for peaceful co-existence, rather than resorting to lethal trapping.

Living with beavers may require more effort and expense than trapping, but beavers provide great benefits to the ecosystem along with wonderful wildlife watching opportunities.

NHARL offers matching grants of up to $500 to individuals, organizations, businesses, and towns looking to install non-lethal solutions for managing beavers.

There are a number of companies that can help you find humane solutions for co-existing with beavers:

To apply for a matching grant, complete our Grant Application for Humane Beaver Management Solutions. Applications can be submitted any time of year.

Mike Callahan of Beaver Solutions


Time-lapse video of Mike Callahan of Beaver Solutions installing a culvert protection cage.

How Beavers Build Dams — Leave It to Beavers (PBS video)

A family of beavers, snug inside their lodge (video by Jeff Hogan)

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