Dairy Is Scary Message at the Howl-O-Ween 5K

On October 21, 2023, the New Hampshire Animal Rights League took part in the Animal Rescue League of NH’s annual Howl-O-Ween 5K, sharing a message of “Dairy Is Scary” and handing out vegan Halloween treats and literature.

Our message was apropos, because the New England Dairy “Mobile Dairy Bar” was also at the event, giving out samples of cow’s milk from their refrigerated van.

It seems we caused a bit of a stir, with a representative from New England Dairy even coming over to our table! The representative told us that they work with only small, local dairy farmers, but we know the same cruel agricultural practices apply on both big and small farms.

Despite her efforts to put dairy in a positive light she could not refute any of the scary dairy facts.

Scary Dairy Facts:

  • Cows need to be pregnant and give birth to produce milk.
  • Taking newborn calves from mothers just hours after birth is standard on dairy farms everywhere, organic or not.
  • Male calves have no use on a dairy farm, so they are chained in crates and sold as veal.

Plant milk saves the day!

Luckily,  there is no shortage of delicious dairy-free products, including ethical and delicious vegan milk chocolate from Trupo Treats, which we handed out at the event.

Our table enjoyed a non-stop stream of visitors, and many signed up for our mailing list. For our canine visitors, we had a selection of vegan dog treats — something to satisfy every pooch’s palate.  

NHARL was the 2nd place fundraiser!

In addition to our table, this year we also registered a NHARL Team to do the 5K and raise money for the Animal Rescue League.

While our captain Liz was a lonely team of one, thanks to your generous donations we earned 2nd place in the list of Top Team Fundraisers, raising $477 for the shelter!

Thank you to those who donated to the NHARL team and to everyone who stopped by our table!

Have a happy and dairy-free Halloween!