Trupo Treats

Trupo Treats is a vegan chocolate company dedicated to making ethical and delicious vegan milk chocolate.

Founded by the Trupo Twins, Brian and Charlie, the company is veganizing your childhood favorites while also giving back to causes that help animals and the environment.

Summer Outing a Big Success

We had another perfect weather day for the New Hampshire Animal Rights League’s annual summer outing held August 12, 2023 at Four Tree Island, Portsmouth!

President James Glover spent the day behind the grill, with his volunteer sidekick Trevor, serving up plant-based burgers from our friends KindRoots in Somerville, MA.

Volunteers Felisha, Carole, and Lynette were indispensable, setting up beforehand and doling out sides of pasta salad, potato salad, and chips.

Dessert was a decadent platter of mouthwatering vegan brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Hangin’ Out on the Island

Our annual summer outing gives people who care about animals an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Guests enjoyed seeing old friends and making news ones.

Sno Kones!

Nothing says fun quite like a Sno Kone machine! Linda and Derek jumped in, serving up these frosty creations to our younger guests. 

Speaking up for sea life

The theme for that day was protecting sea life and the ocean. Fish are intelligent animals who feel pain just as we do. Because no U.S. law regulates the treatment of fish, both the commercial fishing industry and fish farms treat fish in ways that would be criminal if they were dogs or cats.

Posters were on display with information about the harm caused by fishing, along with handouts for visitors to take. Many people who were not signed up for the outing stopped to learn more, and we invited them to enjoy a delicious vegan burger.  

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out for this event, to all our helpers, and to those who made donations. We couldn’t do this work for animals without your support.

The Green Elephant

The Green Elephant in Portsmouth, NH offers a meat-free menu made up of ingredients and flavors from Thailand, Malaysia, China, and India.

“Never a disappointment! A vegetarian restaurant with vegan dishes featured heavily. My favorite dish on the menu is the Tofu Tikka Masala. My favorite appetizer is the King Oyster Mushrooms (deep fried).” (a reviewer on HappyCow)

Col’s Kitchen

Col’s Kitchen serves plant-based home cooking right in the heart of Concord, NH. Offering homemade sammies, scrambles, sodas, cake shakes, and more.

“Love the variety of options from ‘fancier’ items like stroganoff… to more casual items like meatball subs…” (a HappyCow reviewer)