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Fundraising Campaign to Support Endangered Wild Animals at the Heron Pond Wetland & Wildlife “Preserve” An “ecological gem”! DONATE NOW “Thank you!”    The Wild Animals Are at Risk: The 270 acres owned by the Town of Milford is home to the Blanding’s Turtle, an “umbrella” species. Being an “umbrella” species means that where the Blanding’s

All Creation Groans

All Creation Groans is about the lives of factory farmed animals. About the Author Sr. LUCILLE C. THIBODEAU, p.m., Ph.D., is Writer-in-Residence at Rivier University. A Professor of English, she was President of Rivier from 1997-2001. She earned her Ph.D. from Harvard University in Comparative Literature and is a Fellow of the American Council on

Even a Little Helps


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