Andrew’s Legacy

Andrew the Dog was killed by an illegally set, body-crushing conibear trap in December 2012

Andrew is the beautiful, mixed-breed dog who was killed in an illegally set body-crushing conibear trap in December of 2012.

Out for a walk with his owner on a public trail in Auburn, Andrew smelled the baited trap and couldn’t resist investigating. The trap slammed shut on his neck. His owner tried desperately to save him, but these types of traps are not meant to be easily opened. She did a lot of screaming as she tried to remove the trap but, in the end, it did not matter, as she watched her best friend suffer and die in front of her. She then walked almost a mile carrying his lifeless body off the trail, because no one leaves their best friend behind.

Andrew was rescued as a puppy. Even as a young animal, he had a huge distrust of humans. He showed fear of humans until he got to know them. His owner enrolled him in agility for fun class in hopes of socializing him and, slowly, Andrew began to realize that some humans were good. Last year, she discovered that he had several pellets embedded in his body. Suddenly, it all made sense. This dog had been used for target practice when he was less than three months old!

Andrew’s death is even sadder knowing that he started out in this world maltreated by human cruelty; and in the end, died from human cruelty. His lack of trust in our species appears to be justified by his tragic end.

Rest in peace Andrew, your death will not be in vain. We promise you we will work very hard to remove these body-crushing traps from New Hampshire’s outdoors, so that all your non-human brothers and sisters will be free to walk and run again without the fear of being killed or maimed in one of those cruel devices.