About Us

The mission of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League is to work for fair treatment of all animals, in New Hampshire and beyond.

We are an all-volunteer organization working on behalf of animals since 1977. We inform people of animal rights issues by distributing literature, writing letters to the editor, publishing a newsletter, tabling, holding public protests, giving formal presentations, using social media, and guiding citizens through legislative initiatives.

We look into animal welfare issues brought to our attention, promote a vegan cruelty-free lifestyle, grant funds to help pay for nonlethal beaver management, and distribute free No Hunting signs to landowners.

Board Members

Joan O’Brien, President
Elisa O’Neill, Vice President
Cindy Glenn, Treasurer
Jennifer Wolf, Secretary
James Glover, Representative
Linda Dionne, Representative
Liz Herrick, Representative
Michelle Fransen-Conroy, Representative

NHARL is a non-profit, public charity registered with the State of New Hampshire. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) humane organization funded solely by donations, grants, and membership dues. Our staff is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers. All donations go toward our work to help animals.

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