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The Fight Against Cruel Traps Continues

House Bill 1579 was amended and passed through the NH House and NH Senate. It increases the penalty for illegal trapping and requires re-education to anyone not holding a trapping license for the previous three years.

It isn’t what NH Citizens Against Trapping originally proposed but still it is a victory to get any bill passed in NH to do with fur trapping. Thank you to everyone who worked on this legislation and to all the NH lawmakers who supported the bill.

For more information on this bill visit www.tinyurl.com/nhcatfacebook and www.nhcat2014.org and @NHCAT2014 on twitter.

Also please continue to sign the online petition, for NH residents only, at www.tinyurl.com/nhcatpetition  

NHCAT promises to continue the fight against recreational fur trapping!


Contest to Win a Free “Beaver Deceiver”

Did you know beaver ponds are a vital habitat for great blue herons, osprey, kingfishers, mink, otters and muskrat? Do you have or know of a property in NH that easily floods due to a beaver dam? Have you tried many solutions only to have the beavers return and rebuild? Do you wish you could live harmoniously with beavers and also eliminate flooding and property damage? Then enter our contest to win a free “Beaver Deceiver”.

This contest will determine the location of the installation of a beaver flow device (beaver deceiver, etc) when we receive the necessary funds. (Please see our Go Fund Me page) The landowner, or someone on behalf of the landowner, of the property where the problem is occurring may enter the contest. This could be the town Conservation Commission, the Department of Public Works for a town, or a private landowner.

Entries should be submitted with a description of the problem, the location, and a picture if available.  If you know of someone having an issue with a beaver dam, ask them to enter the contest.  Entries can be mailed to PO Box 4211, Concord 03302, or sent through email at: nhanimalrightsleague@gmail.com

*Deadline for contest entries is September 1, 2014.

Even a Little Helps


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