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The NH Animal Rights League has been working on a project to save some beavers by installing flow devices at an area with a potential flooding problem caused from a beaver dam. (Many of you have generously donated to this cause and thank you so much!)
We began this project in July by fundraising to pay for the installation and having a contest to pick a site for it. We have picked a site and we have the money to pay for this project. Below is the press release we are sending out because in addition to saving one colony of beavers the other part of this project is to get information out to the public about this good alternative to the cruel trapping and killing that is most often done when, or even before, a problem arises.
I hope some of you can join us on Friday in Milford, NH to see the beaver dam and beaver lodge and the installation of the flow device that will protect both, along with a very lucky family of beavers. Let us know if you have any questions.

Beaver Deceiver Installation at the Rotch Wildlife Preserve in Milford, NH

Milford, NH –The New Hampshire Animal Rights League (NHARL) invites the media and the public to attend a beaver deceiver installation at the Rotch Wildlife Preserve off of Ruonala Roadin Milford, NH on Friday, October 17. Skip Lisle, president and chief scientist of Beaver Deceivers, LLC, will install a beaver deceiver at this location to solve, in a peaceful and non-violent way, a problem with potential beaver flooding along a walking trail.

Three months ago the NHARL decided to engage in a project to save a beaver colony and to demonstrate that there are sound alternatives to wasteful, inhumane, and expensive breaching of dams and trapping and killing beavers. Fundraising for the project began in July and soon after a contest was set-up to giveaway a free beaver deceiver installation. In the competition the Rotch Wildlife Preserve in Milford, NH, which was submitted by Nick Darchik, Milford resident and trail steward for the property, was chosen as the winner.

Skip Lisle, expert installer and inventor of the beaver deceiver, will begin the all day work at approximately 10:00 AM at the Rotch property and everyone is invited to attend and learn about this better way of dealing with beaver flooding issues. There is plenty of off street parking on Ruonala Road.

Come and learn from the expert! “Beavers are fascinating and complex creatures. Fortunately, however, they do little deductive reasoning. Therefore, they can be fooled, and conflicts can be eliminated economically and non-lethally, with well designed flow devices,” states Mr. Lisle.

Beavers are a keystone species and the ponds they create are beneficial to many wildlife species. Beaver ponds and wetlands are essential for a healthy environment and for a healthy water cycle. Water downstream from a beaver dam is cleaner because beaver ponds filter out up to 90% of the silt. Beaver activity also raises the groundwater table. Many communities suffering from drought are moving beaver in to do their amazing work.

For more information about Skip Lisle and Beaver Deceivers, LLC, visithttp://www.beaverdeceivers.com/
For more information about the not-for-profit charity, NH Animal Rights League, visitwww.nhanimalrights.org


Contest to Win a Free “Beaver Deceiver” (Contest is closed. The Rotch Wildlife Preserve in Milford, NH won the contest)

Did you know beaver ponds are a vital habitat for great blue herons, osprey, kingfishers, mink, otters and muskrat? Do you have or know of a property in NH that easily floods due to a beaver dam? Have you tried many solutions only to have the beavers return and rebuild? Do you wish you could live harmoniously with beavers and also eliminate flooding and property damage? Then enter our contest to win a free “Beaver Deceiver”.

This contest will determine the location of the installation of a beaver flow device (beaver deceiver, etc) when we receive the necessary funds. (Please see our Go Fund Me page) The landowner, or someone on behalf of the landowner, of the property where the problem is occurring may enter the contest. This could be the town Conservation Commission, the Department of Public Works for a town, or a private landowner.

Entries should be submitted with a description of the problem, the location, and a picture if available.  If you know of someone having an issue with a beaver dam, ask them to enter the contest.  Entries can be mailed to PO Box 4211, Concord 03302, or sent through email at: nhanimalrightsleague@gmail.com

*Deadline for contest entries is September 1, 2014.

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